How OctoHub was born.

In the early days we started as a comparison shopping search engine, powering household names like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and others. As we were challenging Google we came to learn that Google was becoming increasingly complicated. Small businesses seemed to be locked out from the emerging pattern of consumer behaviour switching to search engines and social media platforms to find products and services. Rather than competing with Google we discovered there was a much larger opportunity to help small business take advantage of what Google can provide.

We ended up pivoting our business.

We saw an opportunity to help the small business owner easily and affordably deploy and manage their digital marketing. We wanted to help the small fish have the ability to compete with the big fish.

We’re About

Enabling the growing, budget conscious, small business owner to survive and thrive in a complex digital marketing age.

We Want

To increase ROI by enhancing your digital marketing efforts with automated, high impact, micro Google Ad campaigns.

We Love

Making digital advertising and marketing fun, simple, and effective.

Small Businesses


Introductions Made


We are focused on maximizing return on investment for all of our customers.


We listen, monitor, and adapt our tools and intelligence based on the constantly changing digital ecosystem.


We value openness, transparency and constructive criticism. We value curiosity and learning. Speak up!


We have a disciplined approach and use data analysis to help guide intelligent decisions.


We are proactive in continually evolving our automation technology.


We unlock time to enjoy the important things in life.


We have fun helping small business and it shows.


We strive to make effective digital marketing as simple as possible.


Adaptive Digital Marketing

Suite 300, 1400 - 1st Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2R 0V8


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