The environment in which your company operates is delicate. The elements that go into helping it survive are complicated and rely on each other to sustain The Ecosystem of your business.

In the world of digital marketing there is an abundance of companies and platforms that offer solutions to various marketing needs. Small businesses often struggle with navigating the digital marketing ecosystem because it is fragmented and complex. In the past, agencies have been the number one choice for handling the complicated mix of digital marketing. Agency or not, it is common to utilize marketing tools to fulfill these tasks.

Digital marketing practices largely rely on being able to manage a brand’s online presence while reaching customers through various platforms – namely Google. Ensuring your business is present and optimized for Google and SEO is complex but necessary for businesses to survive and compete online. Investing in your businesses’ ecosystem is a valuable way to elevate your digital marketing practices – here’s why and how:

The SaaS Ecosystem: What Is It?

The majority of businesses’ agree that generating new website traffic and social visits to be found online is challenging. Each area of The Ecosystem works to better connect with customers through consolidating the various roles of digital marketing. Each component will compliment each business according to their needs, however best results are seen when each element is used to compliment the next – to sustain The Ecosystem.

The Ecosystem of digital marketing consists of these components:

  • Google Business Listings
  • Online Reviews
  • Digital Ads
  • Social Media Posting
  • SEO & Listings Management
  • Websites
  • Conversion Tools
  • Reporting Tools

Choice Overload of The Ecosystem

The added task of controlling various platforms deepens this pain point. It can be easy to lose track of the different tools available to show results, not to mention multiple expensive payments. For every element of the ecosystem there are several SaaS companies that can fulfill that role (see image below). We can all admit that the abundance of choice is overwhelming, especially in an area that is complicated to begin with. To sustain your businesses’ ecosystem investing in each area of digital marketing is recommended, but may be overlooked due to the cost and difficulty of selecting and running the best SaaS tools for your business.

The ecosystem that creates powerful digital marketing is overwhelmed with choice and the opportunity cost of your businesses’ time. We will be unlocking each element of the ecosystem in upcoming posts to mitigate this stressor and help small businesses see digital marketing in a new light.

OctoHub’s Digital Marketing Suite

Taking into consideration each separate feature, it is understandable why the SaaS ecosystem is often complicated. We are here to show you that it does not need to be. OctoHub offers a solution for each of your digital marketing needs all under one self-managed automated platform that harmonizes all aspects of digital marketing to help a smaller business succeed. Each tool within the suite is actively working 24/7 across all networks to sustain growth and profitability for your unique business.

Octohub’s Ecosystem

  • Google My Business
  • Review Management
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Search Ads
  • Reports & Alerts
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Social Posting
  • SEO & Listings
Companies that struggle with managing the business bubble of digital marketing can benefit from OctoHub’s cohesive digital marketing suite tailored to make this area of business an affordable and in-house option. Instead of having a complicated portfolio of marketing tools OctoHub offers bundle options that fit the needs of your business – all on a subscription basis. Our goal is to inspire small businesses to enjoy the task of digital marketing by making a complex task simple.

About OctoHub

OctoHub is a software based digital marketing solution for small businesses. Our purpose is to level the playing field and prove that small businesses do not need to hire expensive agencies to get customers from Google. Our easy-to-use dashboard and automated algorithm make’s managing digital marketing simple.