Do you think you understand Google?

I thought I did too until I started working for a digital marketing company that specializes in helping small businesses get found on Google.

Google is big, like really big, and not to mention complex, my gosh it’s complicated.

For heaven’s sake, what are you supposed to do if you own a small business?

You need to be on Google. You need it, if you want new customers, you need to be on Google.  That’s just a fact, they’re too powerful.

But are you supposed to spend countless hours figuring out how to use it effectively? Not to mention keeping up with all the changes that are made every few months. You already work 24/7 how many more hours can you spare?

If you’re a big business, no worries hire an agency, pay them a boatload of cash and they’ll figure it out for you.

But if you’re a small business and are on a strict budget (with time and money) what are you going to do?

I’m asking all these questions because I’m curious, I’m not trying to be rhetorical.

OctoHub is a solution. OctoHub is software that puts everything you’ll need in one place and makes getting found online simple and inexpensive.

Truth be told, I’m a summer intern at OctoHub and I found out about the magnitude of this problem when I started here a few months ago. When I began to think about it, I was amazed at how many businesses this software could help.

Right now, I’m writing this at 1 am listening to Taylor Swift at no request from the company. I’m up this late, not because I’m a rebellious teenager, but because I’m in the process of creating a social media campaign. I’ve been trying to conceptualize how to get OctoHub the necessary awareness so it can make a difference. I’m hesitant because I want to portray it properly and want to do it in a manner that makes sense. But let’s be blunt. Google for small businesses presents a huge problem and we have a solution. We have a genuine solution for small businesses everywhere.

We want to help fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and your neighbour down the street (but not Greg, that guy sucks), we want this to help any small business owner that needs and wants new customers, and frankly, that’s most.

Look, this blog might come across as unprofessional, and I know I rambled, but from the moment I started at OctoHub I’ve worked with a team filled with real genuine people who actually give a shit about small businesses, and I’m no different.

And now for the professional signoff:

Get your complimentary digital presence audit report (a fancy way of saying a report card that grades your business’s ability to be found online in every relevant area) and take control of your online presence. Let us help you find your perpetual stream of new customers.

Thanks for reading,

Jack, the curios intern who is going to be exhausted tomorrow, Lavorato


About the author:


Jack is a summer intern at OctoHub, starting at the Ivey Business School at Western University in the fall. In his free time, Jack enjoys playing Golf, Basketball and writing a blog of his own where his comedy really shines. Jack also feels weird about writing in the third person and pretending someone else is writing this “about the author”. He hopes people think the “comedy really shines” line was written by a third party.