OctoHub Launches New Automated Solution to Place Small Business in the Driver’s Seat on the World Wide Web

June 17, 2021 19:28 ET | Source: Octohub

CALGARY, Alberta and SAN DIEGO, June 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OctoHub is proud to announce its release of smart software to automate digital marketing for small businesses.

Digital marketing and online advertising have been a place that large corporations have had all the resources to dominate in, placing their products and services ahead. Now, thanks to OctoHub, small business owners can equally play in this critical space to survive and thrive.

“OctoHub changes the game for small business owners who once found grasping, managing, and outsourcing their digital marketing a stressful part of their business,” says Chief Growth Officer, Jeanne Cummings.

CEO, Scott Sanderson stated, “In light of these challenging times for small businesses, we really wanted to help them come out of it thriving, so we created a solution that manages all aspects of their digital marketing and even guarantees results from a small budget Google Ads campaign. Now, for a fraction of the price of using consultants or staff, any small business can afford to have a smart automated system run and manage their digital marketing campaigns for them, working 24/7, monitoring, alerting, and reporting on progress. With no contracts and no setup fees, any business can start getting found more often, and compete head to head with competitors that have much bigger budgets, without any agency or consulting fees.”

The team has a proprietary Google Ads algorithm integration and has been white labeling their solution to consultants and agencies under the ShopToIt brand, helping agencies deliver immediate guaranteed results to their clients.

About OctoHub: An intelligent software service that automates digital marketing for budget-conscious small businesses, to decrease complexity, increase ROI, and the small business time back to focus on serving their customers.

For further information, please contact media@getoctohub.com